Start generating 6-7 figures in revenue with just Your First 3-5 impactful videos on YouTube

Attention Coaches, Consultants, and Agents: This 1- DAY Workshop is Designed JUST for YOU! 

  • Create Your YouTube Revenue Generating Machine: You'd be surprised how many people make a million dollars a year JUST with YouTube. 
  • Quickly Turn Subscribers into Sales: Clients are making $100k+ a month with less than 1000 subscribers. 
  • Get the Plug and Play System for Creating Videos: Make your videos so irresistible that your audience actually watch and take action. 
  • The YouTube PR Strategy: The strategy that is helping experts generate millions . This will make you more money in a year than getting on Forbes and the news combined. 
  • ​Expert Feedback: Get feedback from Owen Video and Theresa on your content plan to adjust and make tweaks as you workshop it. 
"The strategies I learned in from Owen and Theresa got me unstuck with my channel! They helped me gain 8k new subscribers and $280k in sales for my coaching program and speaking gigs at conferences in my industry."
Karin C, Coach
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"The Strategies we learned from Owen were game changers! They took our Videos from 1-2 Digit Views and No Leads- to hundreds of views & $100K in Profit within the 1st 3 Months Plus 8 more High Ticket Clients since !"
Brian and Tisha, Real Estate Agents



Your targeted leads will not be ready to buy from you if you have not become the trusted authority in their lives when it comes to their pain points and desires. Your Content plan needs to meet them where they are at in their journey and nurture them them al the way to becoming your client. In this session, we will flesh out the content to reach them where they are so you become the one they turn to when they are ready to buy. 

Picking topics you want to talk about and that are of interest to your audience is great. But know one will find your amazing videos if you don't use some strategy in your titling. Taking a little time to pick the right search terms you want to target that will generate the most likelihood for them to find your videos will be critical for your initial growth. People who don't know you need to find you. Don't make it difficult for them. 

Creating videos that not only deliver amazing content that keeps your viewer watching and engaged, but wrapping it up in a clickable thumbnail that actually gets clicked- is magical. You need both. The greatest video in the world will never get watched if it's not clicked first. And the greatest click-worthy video will get x'd out of it's not engaging. This session is the magic sauce of your channel! 

The key to growth on YouTube is producing regular content and building that organic evergreen content library that builds your brand and attract leads for life. If you lack the systems and workflows to make this a sustainable plan,  the irregularity in your video publishing will stifle your growth or take so much time, it burns you out. We teach you 2-4 hour a week sustainable model that won't burn you or your team out. 
first, flesh out your 5-Point content strategy plan and share it in our exclusive community group
then get your next steps in delivering and uploading your content in our full day YouTube visibility workshop
"Shout out to Owen and Theresa! My clientele has doubled from 25 to 50 clients after launching my YouTube channel (even without thousands of subscribers). They helped me transition from my usual 5 Facebook lives a week to just 1 YouTube video a week! 
Angelica V, Fitness and Health Coach
3 Steps to Success:


Attend our Next 
YouTube Visibility Workshop  (Full Day) to Grow Your Views, Authority, and Revenue


Record and Publish Your Content Using our Workflows, Templates, Tools and Checklists for Business


Attend Monthly Coaching Calls and Training to Dial in Your YouTube  Progress with Owen's Expert Eyes


Watch Pre-Training Video to
Strategically Plan Your Awesome Content
(Get Immediate Access)  


Attend our Next 
YouTube Visibility Workshop  (Full Day) to Grow Your Views and Audience with What Works


Record and Publish Your Content Using our Workflows, Templates, Tools and Checklists for Business


Attend Monthly Coaching Calls and Training to Dial in Your YouTube  Progress with Expert Eyes

"The Workflow Templates and Systems Helped Me Feel Less OverWhelmed! My Team and I finally had a method that felt-stream lined-- Not Forgetting a Step and Knowing Exactly What To Celebrate and What to Adjust! And best yet, My American Channel Just Got Monetization Status with My New Content! Thank you! 
Patricia M,  Life Coach and Akashic Records Consultant
15k subscribers
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  • (1) Live 1-Day-YouTube Visibility Workshop Which Includes: 
  • 4 Training Sessions: Channel Value Plan, Audience Attracting 4 Pt Content Plan, SEO Keyword & Title Strategy, 1 Video a Week Workflow 
  • Actual Workshop Time for You to Apply the Training and Get Expert Feedback from Owen and Team
  • Lifetime Access to The Video Marketing School which Includes: 
  • (1) Monthly Coaching Call to get additional training, ask questions, and get expert feedback on your channel
  • On Demand Vault Access to YouTube Launch , The Video Sales Machine, and Launch Your Livestream
  • Bonus Templates, Checklists, Tools and Workflows to help you launch your channel and scale your business with your content. 
  • Exclusive FB Community with Challenges

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How Much Time Will It Take Me To Use These Systems
The strategies and workflows we teach will help you publish and optimize a video on your channel once a week in just 2-4 hours. 
What If I Cannot Attend One of the Sessions in the Workshop Due to a Pre-Commitment?
You will have access to the replay so you can watch the replay version of any session you miss. If you have a team member attend in your place you can also have them present to ask questions and take notes while you are gone. 
How Many People Are In This Workshop? 
We want to give you plenty of attention and so we limit this workshop to 5-10 people. 
Can my Team Attend this Workshop Instead of Me? 
You can have up to one other member attend with you in this workshop. If you would like to have a training for your entire team, you can reach out to us for a quote on a private workshop. 
Will I get Access to the Replay to Review? 
Yes- you will get access to a recorded version of the workshop to review with your team or on your won after you have attended. 
How will This Help Me with Lead-Gen- it Seems Video Focused?  
The structure we teach for your videos are naturally going to bring you leads without sounding salesy. The strategies for improving click through rate and watchtime will also get you more views and help the algorithm to suggest your videos to more people who would resonate with your content. The more of the ideal viewer that finds your content, the more they will watch and see your offers. With the workshop, you will also get access to The Video Sales Machine for additional training in how to take your viewers from viewer to buyer with our video sales funnel systems. 
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