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Dynamically Updated
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 A custom 2D Logo intro-- Animated version of your logo. Perfect opener for your videos and provide a visual connection 
 Animated and Branded lower third-- to introduce yourself professionally with your name and job  title to let your viewers know who you are! 
 Subscribe Lower Third-- This is an animated button asking your viewers to subscribe before you have to say a thing!
 Blank Lower Third-- That animates on and off that you can edit as you like with whatever  info you want to give for that video. Perhaps a website, a phone number, or a call to action. 
 Full Screen Graphic-- Animation that covers the screen like a canvas, providing the space for text and information you want. It fades in and out of the screen for a seamless viewer experience. 
 Animated Transition-- The perfect way to move your video from a talking head to b-roll or anytime you change the scene. 
 End Screen Background-- Designed specifically for the last 20 seconds of your YouTube video. Add this end screen to any video and watch an increase in click-through and watch time! 
 Bonus Customized and Animated eBook Card-- This graphic animation will powefully introduce your fee eBook, white paper, or checklist offer powerfully for all your viewers to see. Works perfectly with your other elements or used alone as a stand-alone video for FB Ads. You'll get this free if you order today! 
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