Scale Your Visibility, Authority, & Profitability 

With YouTube Mentorship

Scale Your Visibility, Authority, & Profitability 

With YouTube Mentorship

Scale Your Visibility, Authority, and Profitability with YouTube
Join Owen Video's hands-on mentorship program and learn his Video Pro System for succeeding on YouTube. 

Scale Your Visibility, Authority, & Profitability 

With YouTube Mentorship

Hey, I'm Owen Video! 
And YouTube completely changed my life. 10 years ago I was a radio ad rep turned freelance videographer and I just started learning about YouTube and Facebook. 

Now I have the best job ever! I run my own live stream and YouTube channel coaching company, speak on stages across the world & get to mentor visionaries in various industries virtually from my office. 

So how did I manage to succeed in internet marketing that’s constantly evolving? 

Trial, error, and finally, some mentorship my friend! I was my first client really. I was a new videographer trying to sell my services to businesses with face-to-face networking . At the time I was struggling to get more people to know about who I was and how I could help them. The big problem was that I wasn't using video to actually market my own business. 

I knew video worked but didn't know how to make it work. So I began spending thousands of hours learning more about how to market with video and I started using video on YouTube and Facebook to share with others what I was learning, and guess what? I started getting attention! 

I then started optimizing these videos,  engaging with leads, and leading them to my offers where they could pay for my services. 

Then I had some health issues and also got a mentor and both of these pivoted the rest of my career, allowing me to stream line my lead-generation system to work FOR me so I could focus on what matters most in life- my health and my family. 

Now I focus primarily on coaching clients build their own channels and loving every minute of it!


If You Know Me...
You know I now teach other industry influencers and visionaries how to market their personal and business brands using the power of YouTube. 

I call it “The YouTube Authority Intensive”.

With the strategies I offer in my coaching programs, I brought my wife home from her 80k a year teaching job, purchased a home in California (and now Utah), and now spend more time with my kids in the evenings and weekends because the visibility, authority, and profitability of video works! 

And that's why I'm so excited to share this with you so you can get these types of results too!
The YouTube Authority Intensive
is a Hands-on, 12-week Intensive Course and Mentorship Program...

Where you get to watch over my shoulder as I walk you through dialing in your audience and content plan using state-of-the-art researching and planning tools, formatting and story elements to increase audience engagement, as well as thumbnail and title strategy to increase clicks and views. Next-- the fine art of weaving in sales videos into your YouTube content plan so you are both building your visibility and authority as well as your profitability. And finally-- the repurposing startegies so you can film once and be able to create multiple pieces of content for other platforms from the same video. 

But The YouTube Authority Intensive is more than just information... You will walk away with customized video branding elements for your videos, and YouTube channel art including customized thumbnail templates for you to use as part of your system. Here's my promise: I am 100% committed to your success, and I'll do everything I can to ensure you get as much out of this training as possible.

How This Program Will Help You Succeed
Owen-- That’s me! I’m one of the industry’s most sought-after video marketing experts and educators, and I’m honored to be your mentor for the next 12 weeks. 
Over-the-shoulder examples, so you get to see exactly how everything is done before doing it yourself
My hand-crafted curriculum, made up of 14 sessions and over 20 content hours that will give you a repeatable, effective evergreen video content creation system for YouTube to scale your visibility, authority, and profitability with YouTube
Weekly action items to hold you accountable and help you reach your goals. Including competitions and games with prizes for doing the work and getting results.
Worksheets & templates to help you look professional, and flesh out your video marketing campaigns to get those leads — the same resources I use daily.
Q&A sessions each week where I answer your questions, give feedback on your work and help you improve.
Our private Facebook group where you can find support and friendship from your peers, and reach out to me any time you have a question.
Personal attention. All businesses and entrepreneurs are different, so I limit the class size to make sure I can give you what you need to succeed with this program.
In my first video using just a couple of Owen's strategies, I doubled my views in third of the time. My third video skyrocketed in views & watch time far beyond any video I've done before. Since joining his Intensive I have tripled my subscribers and my views and best yet--I had a 100K launch for my newest offer!  I can't praise this program enough! 
Karin Carr, Realtor and Real Estate Marketing Coach 
A Show of Hands: 
Who wants to beat the competition in your niche by becoming the trusted authority in your industry with the outreach of YouTube? 
As entrepreneurs and business owners, we know the value of video, but within the confines of LinkedIn and Facebook, we are limited to just our network without additional adspend. And for those who started on YouTube but subscribed to merely SEO search terms for their niche or just trial and error, they find themselves plateauing in growth. 

When I ask people what’s stopping them from reaching their goals, these are the common problems I hear...
Problem #1
“FB and LinkedIn having been working great, but I'm ready for more and I don't know enough about the YouTube platform to figure it out myself without spending too much time. I want a system that works so I can launch with success”
Problem #2
“The YouTube Algorithm is changing too fast, and what worked for me before is no longer working!”
Problem #3
I'm not getting enough views from my Facebook and LinkedIn Video to make the huge impact I'm looking for. I want people I don't know to search and find my videos. I can't do that with FB or LinkedIn.
Problem #4
“I'm making great video, but not getting the views I deserve!" 
Problem #5
“Video Marketing on Facebook and LinkedIn requires numerous weekly videos, and I don’t know how to keep up with it AND still have time to attend to my current clients.”
Problem #6
"I don't know what videos to make. The ones I've created haven't worked and I don't know what to say or how to promote them so that they do work." 
Problem #7
“Trial and error is so expensive, and what I lose in funds and missed opportunities is not sustainable.”
But when I give a consultation or start with a new client, I see that their real problem is almost always the same: a lack of strategy and process to scale at the level they want. 

Which is great, because I know that I can offer a solution: 

Here's The Structure
that I add to their branding strategy to help improve their results:
My 12 Week Mentorship Structure
Week 1
Planning: One-on-One Content Audit and Audience Research and Content Strategy Consultation so That You Can Revamp or Launch your Content Strategy for Optimal Growth Because it is What Your Audience Actually Wants. 
Week 2
Launch Week:  Intensive Virtual Workshop Training in Engaging Video Structure, Thumbnail Design, and Titles Strategy, as well as Creating a Visual Video Dashboard and Workflow. This is a full-day training/workshop. 
Week 3
Programming : Build Your Authority Building Content Library - dialing in your Run-of-Show, utilizing our templates for various types of content styles and purposes, and use of audience-accelerating content silos. 
Week 4
Programing  -  Brand Presentation- Revamp Channel Art, Channel Trailer, Video Branding Elements/Video Overlays, Home Page Presentation, and Links. 
Week 5
Production: Workflow for recording, editing, and repurposing with time saving and systematic strategies that produce stellar videos in less time. 
Week 6
Production: Editing Your Videos- outsourcing connections with our trusted partners and tools for pennies on the dollar, including training for optimal results and speed so you can create regular, great-looking content each week. 
Week 7
Production: Home Studio Setup- revamping strategies for your video creation station for professional, branded videos at the click of a button. Basic to more advanced set-up, depending on your experience, needs and goals. 
Week 8
Promotion - how to promote your video content across platforms while also growing your channel. What to do, what to not do, & simple, tactical methodology for each phase in your growth. 
Week 9
Progress - Identify the key areas in your analytics to look at to improve the next video--what to stop doing, what to start, and what to continue. 
Week 10
Profit: Monetization Tactics - Top-of-The-Funnel Content, Launches, Brand Deals/Sponsorships, and Ad Sense. 
Week 11
Trends and Messaging -  the art of leveraging trends for growth as well as shifting in messaging when needed while staying on brand and meeting the needs and desires of your audience. 
Week 12
Transition/Level Up -  Assess where you are at in reaching your goals, and customizing a next step goal-setting and implementation plan for your channel on your own or with a Level 2 Intensive. 
And in The YouTube Authority Intensive I teach you the systems and strategies step by step, so you can scale the authority and profitability you've created with increased visibility and engagement in the most accessed video based search engine on the planet.  

All YOU need to do is commit to learning and implementing the material.
Mentorship Includes
Content Audit and YouTube Blueprint Call where you will learn the tools and systems to plan months of authority building content based on your expertise and your audience wants to watch! Make it work for you! 
Learn my YouTube Audience Building and Engagment formula as well as my Sales Video Formula for the 2 main different purposes in your branded channel content. 
Get strategies that Trigger the Current Algorithm BEYOND mere key word research like other YouTube coaches teach-- triggering YouTube to suggest your videos to more of your audience! 
Learn my Repeatable Repurposing Strategies for making your video content work for YouTube as well as your other favorite platforms WITHOUT creating more content. 
  Get years of experience packed into 11 weeks, 10  sessions and over 20 hours of  content. No more need for trial and error and walk away with a system that works moving forward!
  Attend weekly trainings and live feedback calls  from Owen and stay connected to Owen and cohort members in our private community for accountability and fun competition with prizes.  
And Don't Forget These Bonuses
That I add to help you further your knowledge in any areas where you may have gaps so you can take what you learned in the mentorship and really fly.
Customized Video Branding Elements for all Your Videos that will make you look professional and build your authority. 
(Value of $997)
Customized YouTube Channel Art and Thumbnail Templates to revamp your current channel or launch your first with success! 
(Value of $597)
​One-on-One Launch Call - you'll get (1) 60-minute private Launch Call with Owen Video to create your personal marketing plan. 
(Value of $1500)
Unlimited Access to The Video Marketing School Courses: All 106+ Trainings including the YouTube Launch Plan, Launch Your Live, and Video Sales Machine (plus more!)
(Value of $997)
All our PDF Guides, State of the Art Researching and Planning Tools, Templates, and Scripts for your Video planning, programming, production, and progress! 

(Value of $597)
"Shout out to Owen Video! My clientele has doubled from 25 to 50 clients after launching my YouTube channel. He helped me transition from my usual 5 Facebook lives a week to just 1 YouTube video a week with confidence and gave me the tough love I needed to get it done"
Angelica V, Fitness and Health Coach
Who is This Program For
This training is for Industry Influencers with a Successful Sales Process and Following, And Desiring To Scale Their Impact and Amplify Their Message with YouTube! 
Coaches, Authors, Speakers
Social Media and Video Marketers
In my first video using just a couple of Owen's strategies, I doubled my views in third of the time. My third video skyrocketed in views & watch time far beyond any video I've done before. Since joining his Intensive I have tripled my subscribers and my views and best yet--I had a 100K launch for my newest offer!  I can't praise this program enough! 
Karin Carr, Realtor and Real Estate Marketing Coach 
The YouTube Authority INTENSIVE
A 10-Week Cohort that scales your Visibility, Authority, and Profitability with YouTube
"This is the baller group  I created... for my clients who want to crush their personal and business branding goals on YouTube"
- Owen Video

Explore the Gift of Mentorship
How would you like my personal help in a private mentorship program where you’ll get the personal attention and in-depth training you need to exponentially grow your visibility, authority, and profitability in 10 weeks?

Imagine the power of having a world-class YouTube marketing expert in your back pocket to ask your questions, get accountability, and the confidence to launch your channel while dialing in the results with laser-focus.

The YouTube Authority Intensive MENTORSHIP is the fast-track to the next level in your impact.

It’s something that a lot of athletes are looking towards as another step in their journey to improving their fitness and having fun.
Scott Panchik
CrossFit Mentality, 5-time individual CrossFit Games veteran
Awesome event…extremely well organized, athletes are taken care of and good events that leave the athletes motivated to train hard rather than wrecked.
CJ Martin
Owner of CrossFit Invictus
Enroll Today and Become a Member!
You will jump in at our next scheduled mentorship starting soon! 
Or Choose the Plan That's Right For You...
1 channel audit and Content Strategy Call
Billed once, no set up fee.
  • (1) 90-Minute Call Channel Audit And Content Strategy Call
  • Content Research and Planning Tools
  • Content Plan for Optimal Growth
12- Week mentorship
One Time , 2 & 3 Pay Option
  • (10) Live Weekly Intensive Training Calls and Pre-Recorded Bonus Trainings
  • (1) 90-Minute Channel Audit and Content Strategy Call
  • (11) Accountability Calls Focused on Your Needs 
  • (1) Live 1-Day-Workshop Training
  • Bonus templates, scripts, swipe files, and shared appointment setting funnelCustom Video Branding Elements 
YouTube Authority 1- Day-Workshop
Billed once, no set up fee.
  • Lifetime Access to Coaching Call Recordings
  • FB Group Community
  • Take Home Templates, Checklists, and Formulas
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